Cancun Oncology Center at Hospital GaleniaCancun Oncology Center at Hospital Galenia

Cancún Oncology Center

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We are part of a network of cancer treatment centers worldwide, we offer the most advanced and highly trained professionals led by world-renowned international medical technology.

Experience and innovation

Our mission is to provide cancer care services with warmth, experience and innovation through high technological and human standards.

Expert medical advisors

We have a direct relationship with doctors worldwide recognition for achieving consensus on treatments that, by their complexity, require a second medical opinion.

Professionalism and warmth

Our patients can be assured that they will receive the best care, taking his personal physician available to international training and technology.

Treatments of international quality with care, respect and empathy.

Our commitment

One of the most important decisions a person should take in their fight against cancer, is where you receive treatment against Cancer, in Cancun Oncology Center we offer everything you need, a team of world class professionals and a commitment to the welfare of each patient.


We have a team of positron radiation dedicated to making all radiotherapy treatment planning based on images. Our linear accelerator is ready for radiosurgery and use all necessary accessories for high quality treatments.


The Medical Department of Oncology and Chemotherapy includes an area of inquiry, a medication mixing zone, an area of nursing and an application area. Our commitment is to offer a personalized and individual attention to each of our patients.

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Nos hicieron sentir tranquilos

“¡Marineé, estamos muy contentos! En nuestra experiencia fue muy bueno encontrar un centro especializado en la Ciudad.

Llegamos aquí con miedo por el tratamiento y la experiencia previa, pero la Dra. Marineé y el enfermero Luis nos hicieron sentir más tranquilos y perder ese miedo.”

Siempre al pendiente de mis necesidades

“Hola soy Mireya Tinajero, tengo 48 años fui detectada con Cáncer de mama en el año 2013 por la Dra. Marinee Torres. Obviamente ante el miedo de tal noticia te sientes vulnerable y sin rumbo, la noticia sin duda te paraliza, pero quiero compartir mi testimonio por que fui llevada de la mano por mi Dra. Marinee Torres de Oncology Center Cancún quien siempre estuvo al pendiente de mis intereses y necesidades.”

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Meet our Experts

Dra. Jheymmy Ortiz Martinez

Medical Oncologist Radiotherapist

Dr. Jheymmy is our chief of Radiotherapy and the only Radio Oncologist in Quintana Roo. She specialized in Radio Oncology in Mexico City General Hospital.

Marineé Torres Aguilar

Medical Oncologist

Dr. Marineé is chief of the Chemotherapy Department. Hailing from Mexico's City General Hospital, where she specialized in Chemotherapy. She is also an active member of the Mexican Council of Oncology.