Cancun Oncology Center at Hospital GaleniaCancun Oncology Center at Hospital Galenia

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Usually, when visiting a medical appointment, the doctor may use a variety of words that non-medical related people can have trouble understanding, this mainly occurs because the world of medicine is so extense in knowledge and so specific in terminology that there are a lot of words that you will only hear when having a medical-related activity.

That is why here we list you the meanings of some of the medical terms that you will hear more often:

Benign, means not malignant, the life of the patient does not depend on the cure of the illness, often used in tumors.

Biopsy, means a procedure that consists of retrieving a small tissue from the diseased part of the body for examination.

Blue code, medical slang that indicates de patient is under a cardiopulmonary arrest.

BP, meaning “Blood Pressure”, often used by surgeons when an emergency happens and they need to know the blood pressure of the patient as soon as possible.

Chemotherapy, Treatment with drugs that kill cancer cells.

Chronic, Term used by doctors to refer to a disease that evolves with time

Cyst, often confused with a cancerous tumor, it is a fluid-filled mass that’s not cancer.

The difference between D/C and DC: D/C means Discontinue, written by doctors to indicate you should stop consuming a medicine. And DC, means Discharge, used by doctors when they dismiss a patient from a hospital or clinic.

Malignant, means dangerous, often used to refer to tumors that are likely to cause death if untreated.

Metastasis, refers to the spread of cancerous cells to one or more sites elsewhere in the body.

Radiation Therapy, Treatment with high-energy rays that kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.

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