Cancun Oncology Center at Hospital GaleniaCancun Oncology Center at Hospital Galenia

Hospital Galenia

Cancun Oncology Center is located in Hospital Galenia, the only high specialty hospital in Mexico with state-of-the-art technology that is awarded with three accreditations
It has a team of highly trained and well-accredited medical professionals. Quality and safety of the patient are key to Hospital Galenia’s mission.



  • The hospital has 55 rooms of different categories: Presidential Room, Master Suite, Junior Suite, standard and special room for bariatric surgery, as well as water births.

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Imaging and Radiology

The Diagnostic Center of the hospital offers imaging services with the latest technology and an experienced team of certified radiologists and technicians. They provide physicians with critical information used to diagnose and treat a wide range of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis and much more. The equipment includes tomography, magnetic resonance, angiography, gamma camera, mammography, densitometer, ultrasound, x-rays, fluoroscopy and more.


Operating rooms

  • The hospital has 6 operating theaters and a toco-surgery area. Each room has modern, high-quality surgical tables. The operating rooms have special LED surgical lights with two satellites, auto-adjusted by infrared; each satellite of five and three modules, with different intensity of light, according to the type of surgery. Two of the operating rooms have a video camera for remote recording and monitoring, and a telescopic arm with a 26 “high-definition medical-grade screen.

Intensive care

  • The dedicated intensive care area assists the patient in critical condition, therefore, it is required that the monitoring, treatment and care plan is carried out in an organized, systematized manner and under written rules and procedures. The Intensive Care Unit has specially designed facilities and state-of-the-art electromedical equipment that allows us to assist patients while complying with the highest international requirements.

Clinical laboratory

  • The clinical laboratory is designed with the official National and International standards (NOM: 007: SSA3: 2011 aimed at compliance with planning and statistical quality control for ISO 15189). It has cutting-edge technology carefully selected to qualify as an automated clinical laboratory of national and international reference. It has the quality assurance program (PACAL), a certified Mexican company that has been evaluating clinical laboratories for 20 years, allowing participants to improve their analytical quality day by day and ensuring the delivery of quality results.



Mexican General Health Council

  • The objective of the National System for the Certification of Medical Care Establishments (SiNaCEAM) is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of the medical care services and the safety provided to patients, as well as to encourage participating institutions to maintain competitive advantages to reach, sustain and improve their position in the environment. In this context, the Certification of Medical Care Establishments is the process by which the General Health Council recognizes health care establishments, which participate voluntarily in the evaluation and meet the necessary standards to provide services with good quality in medical care and patient safety.

Joint Commission International (JCI)

  • The accreditation of Joint Commission International (JCI) is the certification of hospital services most recognized internationally. This process reflects the commitment to excellence in patient safety and care, and serves to recognize that health care services live up to the most important international practices. While accreditation helps demonstrate the overall commitment of an organization with quality, certification in turn demonstrates excellence in specific areas by promoting better results through the integration and coordination of care. The standards evaluated by the Joint Commission International accreditation provide meaningful measurements to improve quality and safety of the patient in all the clinical and administrative functions of the Hospital of intensive care, as well as to adopt continuous improvements in the performance. The medical institution must demonstrate its high levels of security and patient care, which is the case of Hospital Galenia.

Accreditation Canada International (ACI)

  • The Accreditation Canada International (ACI) program, called Qmentum International, is based on Canada’s highly regarded quality health model that has been developed through extensive research and experience. The Qmentum international standards of excellence cover the entire hospital’s services on a continuous basis of health care. Specific standards of service are applied to clinical services based on their safety profile. There are also standards for effective organization, prevention and control of infections, and management of medication, that are specifically tailored to smaller organizations. Accreditation Levels Qmentum International has three levels of accreditation. Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The accreditation level of the Galenia Hospital is Diamond, with the maximum compliance to international standards.