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There are different types of cancer that can be originated in the kidney, but by general rule, when talk of kidney cancer we refer to the renal carcinoma, the most common type of cancer in adults.

There are two types commonly associated with this cancer which are transitional cell carcinoma, and Wilm’s tumor. The transitional cell carcinoma is a typical cancer of the urinary bladder, but in occasions, it can also be found in the pelvic kidney or the ureter, which is why it should be studied within this specialty. On the other hand, Wilm tumor is most common in childhood kidney cancer.

When kidney cancer spreads beyond the kidneys (metastasis) often goes towards the lymph glands around and also lungs, bones or liver via the bloodstream. It tends to be very common that extend a kidney to the other. When a metastasis is performed and the tumor spreads to other organs of the body, it doesn´t turn into a new tumor, but it is maintained as the original, so it still treated and named as the original. That means when a kidney cancer goes to the lungs it is not considered a lung cancer, but a metastasis of the kidney cancer hosted in the lungs, so the characteristics will be the same of that of the original.

As a general rule, kidney cancer often develops in people older than 50 years, but the causes that provoke it are unknown, not reaching precise explanations of why some people get it and others don’t

Some investigations have outlined that certain people with or subject to risk factors are more likely to develop this disease. These factors tend to be:

-Factors associated with the work as those exposed to high blood pressure (hypertension).
-Long-term dialysis.
-Syndrome of von Hippel-Lindau.
-Gender. Men are more prone to develop kidney cancer than women.
-A family history.

The majority of people who are exposed to these risk factors fail to develop the disease. If you are concerned about if you can develop this disease by being exposed to these risk factors, please contact one of our specialists to examine and develop an appropriate plan to minimize risk factors.


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