Cancun Oncology Center at Hospital GaleniaCancun Oncology Center at Hospital Galenia




“I congratulate all the team that offered their services in the Radiotherapy department, the Doctor and the physical engineers, during the time that I was in treatment I received excellent attention. They always explained all the procedures, I felt safe and confident that I was getting the best treatment. I can only say: Thanks.”

José Luis A., 68 years old



“My sincere thanks to the entire Radiotherapy team for everything they did for me. They truly change the lives of many people including mine, they supported me to regain my peace, to be strong and to fight until I could no longer convince myself that I had hope of overcoming the cancer and getting ahead. Fortunately I have succeeded and I am happy.“

Yesenia M., 32 years old



“The kind treatment I received and the sense of safety I received when I underwent my Radiation treatment as one of the last stages to control my breast cancer, along with the impressive technology they used, made me feel very confident. The consultations helped me a lot not to feel any discomfort or pain. I feel very fortunate to have such a good team of doctors. ”

Silvia C., 44 years old

Woman embracing husband sitting on the couch


“Miraculously someone recommended us and helped us to have an appointment at the oncology center of the Galenia Hospital, where we were received by Dr. Marinee. They gave us extensive information on how to treat this type of malady and the benefits that I would receive when receiving the treatment.

I finished my treatment exhausted but very happy to have reached the end and more because it stopped the growth of the tumor and reduced it getting ready for surgery.”.

Alejandro P., 69 years old


“Marineé, we are very happy !!!! Our experience was very good, we are happy to find a specialized center in the City
We arrived here in fear of the treatment and the previous experience, but Dr. Marineé and the nurse made us feel calmer and lose that fear.”


“Hello, I am M. Tinajero, I am 48 years old I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in the year 2013, by Dr. Marinee Torres, obviously the fear of such news makes you feel vulnerable and aimless, the news certainly paralyzes you, but I want to share my testimony, because I was taken by the hand by Dr. Marinee Torres of Oncology Center Cancun, who was always aware of my interests and needs.

I share this so that I can help other people to follow and to know that you can overcome! Thank you Dr Marinee Torres, I love you very much, without any doubt you are part of my life…

Thank God and my husband Victor Jimenez, my children who always strengthened me.”

Mireya T.

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